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How does a molecule drive life?

A life is driven by a variety of biomolecules that function dynamically in an enclosed hierarchical system, such as body, tissue, and cells that retain necessary and sufficient connections to the environments. We are trying to understand how dynamic behaviors of a biomolecule drive biological functions through detailed observation and appropriate manipulation of the molecule by using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and other biophysical techniques.

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Publication A paper showing that subterahertz irradiation accelerate the microscopic mixing of water and proteins was published.

Comprehensive analysis using sub-THz wave irradiation, microwave-band dielectric measurements, NMR spectroscopy, and terahertz spectroscopy has revealed that sub-THz wave irradiation of a protein solution excites the movement of water molecules around the protein, resulting in a change in hydration state. This change in hy  ...

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Award Associate Professor Takumi Ueda awarded the Young Scientist Award (Shinposho) from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan.

Associate Professor Takumi Ueda PhD. was awarded the prise for his substential contribution to the advance of science by using NMR.


Notice Prof. Kurt Wüthrich, 2002 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, gave us a lecture on "Life with NMR".


Publication The Structure paper was accepted to the cover.


Publication Unraveling the Trick of Human GTP Sensor Protein Evolution -Evolutionary Acquisition of PI5P4Kβ for Stress Resilience-

Structure, 2022, 30(6), P886-899.E4

  • The GEA motif that enables PI5P4Kβ to recognize GTP was identified.
  • The GEA motif binds not only ATP/GTP but also other minor energy molecules.  ...

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