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    • Co-ANAFOR (Ver. 201218)
      • Co-ANAFOR is a method for the reconstruction of the unobserved data in multidimensional NMR from limited experimentally observed data.
      • In Co-ANAFOR, chemical shifts of the signals determined from another high resolution multidimensional NMR data are utilized, and the peak height ratios can be accurately determined even for the crowded data like 2D spectra of proteins.
      • See the reference for details of the theories and comparison with other methods.

      Required programs

      • Bruker Topspin
      • ANACONDA (Python supplemented with Numpy & Scipy)
      • NMR spectra analysis softwares (ex. Sparky)

      Downloading scripts of Co-ANAFOR

      Downloading the manual

      • Click here to download the CoANAFOR manual.